Isaiah Arnold

Age – 19
Hometown – Hood River, Or
Years Skating – 11 Years
Current Setup – Unheard Deck, Indy’s, Bones
Shoes You’re Skating In – Leo’s
Favorite Trick – Blunt To Fakie or Back Tail
Go To S.K.A.T.E Trick On Flat – Fs Pop Shove It
Trick You Wish You Were Good At – Crail Slides
Favorite Music To Skate To – Hippity Hop
Favorite Meal – Sushi
Top 5 Favorite Skateboarders – Cardiel, Figgy, Andy Mcdonald, Jerry Hsu & Aidan
5 Things To Do On Rainy Days – Skate Under Something, Eat Food, Read, Watch Skate Videos & Eat Ice Cream
5 Least Favorite Things – Scooters, Mosquitos, Sad People, Wasted Food & Melted Ice Cream
5 Favorite Skateparks – Hood River, Wendells, Burnside, Bingen & Santa Clarita
Favorite Movies – Star Wars
5 Favorite Books – Star Wars, Harry Potter, Eragon, Brisinger & You Choose