Thomas L Ellingson

Sponsors – Doug’s, Solution Clothing, Armada, Smith Optics, Dakine, Kind Snacks
Favorite Place to Ski – Mt Hood, Oregon
Gear Set Up – Majic J’s Al Dente Ski, T Pro Solition Hoody, Maze Smith Helmet IOX Smith Goggles, Dakine Windstopper Gloves.
Dream Trip – Mt. Baker, Free Refills, then Blue for 2 days of jumping!!
Recent Movies/Webisodes – Education of Style: 2012 and Nostalgia: 2013
Favorite Hood Run – One Bowl Down to Blue or Hollywood to Powder Keg
Favorite food – Mexican
Fun Fact About You – I like to teach people. It really motivates me to learn more myself to see someone go through the battles of learning something new. It’s awesome to see people conquer their fears.